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We will then send our best prices to you.
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Factory Free sample Laminate Pvc Film -
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That has a sound business enterprise credit rating, exceptional after-sales provider and modern producing facilities, we now have earned an superb standing amongst our buyers across the world for Factory Free sample Laminate Pvc Film - U3A7342 – Hengchuang, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Israel , Porto , India , Most problems between suppliers and clients are due to poor communication. Culturally, suppliers can be reluctant to question things they do not understand. We break down those barriers to ensure you get what you want to the level you expect, when you want it. Faster delivery time and the product you want is our Criterion .

1. Excellent quality, good surface smoothness, good peel strength and beautiful appearance.

2. Non-poisonous,Eco-friendly, Phthalates Free, Compliance with REACH;Specail treatment like  Anti-UV, Anti-corrosion Anit-cold,and Anit-fungus .

3.Various flammability standards available for customers from different origin, e.g. B1/B2/CAN109-1/NFPA701/M1/M2;

4.Slef cleaning, after Lacquering or PVDF;

5.APPLICATON FIELD:Building Canopy, Recreation Leisure,Outdoor Tent ,  Safety & Protection,Transport & Logistic,Bags & Containers,Husbandry & Agriculture,Medical & Health,Processing of Awning

Item Specification         Unit
Product Code pvc tarpaulin Pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin pvc tarpaulin
Denier 1000×1000 1000×1000 1000×1000 1000×1000 1000×1000 denier
Scrim 30×30 9X9 18×18 20×20 23×23
Weight 900g 650g 600g 650g 700g g/sq.m
Tensile Strength L 4000 1435 1900 2500 2800 N/5cm  
W 3800 1798 1980 2300 2600 N/5cm  
Tearing Strength L 550 298 332 250 280 N/5cm  
W 500 309 360 230 270 N/5cm  
Width 1.02—3.20 1.02—3.20 1.02—3.20 1.02—3.20 1.02—3.20 metre
Temperature -30—70 -30—70 -30—70 -30—70 -30—70  

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